Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Five years ago today ...

I posted this on my health/fitness blog, but wanted to post it over here too.

October twelfth is one of those days that I will never forget. Five years ago today, I was in a car accident along with my daughter (Aubrey) and her friend (Avery) after I had picked them up from Kindergarten.
This is Aubrey (she was 5 at the time) looking in at the damage. Haunts me every time I see it.

When I see this shot I am amazed that we were able to survive and am SO grateful that Aubrey didn't suffer any broken bones (she was sitting in the back on the driver's side). Thanks goodness for booster seats!

Short story is, we were t-boned. Aubrey and I were life-flighted to downtown hospitals, Avery was sent by ambulance to a local hospital. Aubrey had a concussion and spent the night in the hospital. I had multiple broken bones and several surgeries and spent a month in the hospital, 3 months in a wheelchair and another 3-4 months on crutches. You can read the long version here.

I marvel each year as the anniversary comes along at how far things have come since that day. Most days the experience is just a distance memory, but it always seems that around this time of the year I start counting my blessings. I am grateful:
  • To be alive! And I'm grateful that the accident didn't happen 10 weeks earlier (when I was still pregnant with my son). So glad that Aubrey and Avery had relatively mild injuries.
  • To have had a full recovery. Makes me appreciate all the things that I can do with the body (including TWO half marathons!)
  • For my family and friends. It was truly amazing to be lifted up by those who love us as we went through this trial.
  • For the perspective that this time brought our lives. I don't know why it takes bad things happening to really help you to see the big picture, but I am grateful none the less.
  • For miracles. There were so many (small and big) miracles that happened during this time. 
May I always be able to hold these blessings close to me. Here's to the next five years!


Amy said...

You're right, it is a miracle and a blessing. So glad you are all alright. The pictures are stunning.

Carrie said...

Thanks Amy!

Maggie Malone said...

“Makes me appreciate all the things that I can do with the body...” - True! Accidents like this one makes us realize so many things, even the little things that seemed to be normal like our body. Glad to hear that everyone is okay now. Keep safe!

Maggie Malone @Mastrangelo Law