Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ryanne Mariah Wood

Okay, so I know it's been like 4 months, but I have lots of good excuses! ;) I won't bore you with them.

Taylor's sister, Jaime and her husband Tony, just welcomed a new baby to their family (lucky number 4!) We got to go down to visit with them last weekend. Here are some fun pictures ...
Her face is smooched here, but I thought it was cute! It was fun when she was awake, we all gave her lots of attention!

Aubrey is quite possibly the most baby hungry girl I've known! I hope her future husband is ready! She could easily be the mother of 7.

I had to take a bunch to get any with her eyes open. That darn flash is so bright!

This is big sister Andee (not quite 2) who absolutely LOVES her new sister. All she wants to do is hold and touch Ryanne!

I took a bunch of pictures of Andee and Ryanne, because it was so cute to watch them get to know each other!

Ryanne looks a little worried here! I think it was the flash, not Andee!

Lots of kisses!

Here is Kendra, the biggest sister! Bradley & Braden were off playing and didn't want much to do with the baby!

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