Sunday, October 4, 2009

Braden plays T-ball

We signed Braden up for fall T-ball this year, and oh my! It is quite comical to say the least. Four year olds pretty much don't listen, and as a result, the "game" is hysterical! Taylor is the coach and has been having fun taking on that responsibility. He's not sure he will do it again ... maybe when the kids are older and might actually take direction!

A couple of weeks ago, during a Saturday game, it was pretty warm outside and Braden was calling to me from the outfield ... "Mom, I want to sit in the shade, Mom, it's hot, Mom, I don't like hot!" He really likes hitting the ball and running the bases. Here are some pictures:

This is his baseball pose, with no pointers from me.

Excited to play!

With most of the team at the first practice

Coach Dad helping Braden with his form

Way to hit the ball!!!
Running to home base, the long way!

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Smallmans said...

Way to go Braden! What a cutie. And way to go Dad being coach to many energetic kids!