Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Memorial Day Part 2

We had a small lunch at Grandma Lois' house on Sunday and then a BIG family lunch on Monday for Memorial Day. Here are some pictures (surprise, surprise!):

This is Randy and Sandy's little one ... isn't she cute?!? (Cuteness seems to be a theme in our family!)

Lois and Fred have this really fun house up in the mountains outside of Boise. There are all kinds of cool things to do there including all kinds of swings and hammocks.

Grandpa Kent

Lois always inspires me when I visit. She grows her own food, bakes her own bread ... she doesn't even know how to make something out of a box. Maybe this is why at 87 she is able to walk up and down the mountain with ease.

Taylor pitched in on the cooking ... impressed?

Taylor and Braden with some cheesy smiles!

Some candids of Sunday lunch

Wow, a candid (kind of) picture with me in it!

Grandpa Kent telling a story to Sophie!

Uncle Steve and Grandma Lois

Marrianne, Aubrey and Braden. Aubrey and Marrianne became best of friends this weekend.

A rare picture of Fred. Fred is great to allow us to come in a take over the house!

Aunt Ellen

Aubrey had so much fun!

We played lots of Skip-Bo, Grandma's favorite game!

It was a long day apparently!
I have even more pictures, but I'll probably put those in another post, since I want to go to bed now! ;)

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