Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Aubrey's Power Award

Every year at Aubrey's school, there is a special award that students can work towards. Most students will receive one throughout the year, but not always. Aubrey has been working especially hard for hers and was so proud to bring the note home announcing she would receive it. Here is Aubrey receiving her Power Award (this year the theme was "Power of One" and everything was related to this principle that one person has the power to change the world.)

Mr. Jameson hands her the award. I love that our principal encourages programs like this to reward good behavior!

All of the Power Award recepients

An up close shot

It's always fun to look back and see how the kids have grown, but especially now as 4th grade is over, I look at the girl that Aubrey is now and I am just so darned proud of her! She is smart, inquisitive, creative, beautiful, fun to be around, thoughtful, quick witted, loyal, sensitive, centered, spiritual ... I could go on and on. Sometimes I catch a glimps of her as she walks by and can't believe she is so grown up. I am still looking for my two year old Aubrey! I hope time slows down a little and I can enjoy these next nine year before she is off on her own! Love you Aubrey!!!

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