Tuesday, May 12, 2009


When I first started this blog, I hardly posted pictures. Now I have a hard time writing a post withOUT pictures! I'll go ahead and try! ;)

I'm very excited to start this new Bunco group! We have all 12 people, but if anyone out there is still interested, I could list you as a sub ... just let me know! For years I have talked about making more time for girlfriends and I am excited to be making time for that in my life!

For Mother's Day this past weekend, we drove down to Castledale to surprise Taylor's mom with lunch (thanks Kacie for the idea!) It was fun to be with family even if it was just for a little bit. Taylor got me a great book that I is one that I wanted to read (go Taylor!) and Aubrey picked out a necklace and earrings to match a new dress I have (go Aubrey!) I'm so lucky to have such an awesome family!

I can't believe this school year is almost over! I have PTA convention this week (two day training down at BYU) which really made me realize how close we are! Oh, anyone wanna help babysit?!? Color me a procrastinator! Next year this time I think I will be sweating it, since I'll be going in as PTA president ... this year it's all training.

(I told you this was ramblings, right?!?) We've decided that we want to do more camping this summer. We are strapped for cash, but camping is a cheap, fun way to get out ... any suggestions? Or if you wanna go with us, that would be fun too! The more the merrier!

Okay, that's enough rambling for now, I've got things I need to do!


Marlies said...

You didn't say when you need a sitter, but if I can I would be willing.

Smallmans said...

You know E & M would love to play with Braedon anytime - just call!

We LOVE camping. It can't come soon enough. The boys started asking for it right after Christmas. We know some great spots in Big and Little Cottonwoods with great kids hikes close by. Let's plan it!

Just dandee said...

Sounds like life is just as busy as ever. Camping is an awesome release from all that and... so is Bunco! I play Bunco once a month with a bunch of ladies in my neighborhood and it is sooooooooo much fun.