Friday, May 1, 2009

Bunco anyone?

A little while ago, I was invited as a sub for a friend's bunco game (thanks Emmalia!) It was so much fun! I've had a couple of friends mention they might be interested in doing a bunco group, so I'm asking you ... if you're in the area, would you be interested in being part of a bunco group with me?

Bunco 101 -

Bunco is a dice game (very easy to pick up), but basically the whole idea is a chance to get together with girlfriends each month to eat, gab, play and gab! There are 12 people in the group. You each take turns hosting the group and purchasing prizes. Everybody puts money each month into the pot. This is the money that buys the prizes.

My friend's bunco group members put $10 a month into the prize pot. There are 4 prizes each month ($50, $30, $30, $10). She gave out gift cards. We could stick with something similar or do slightly less (economy and all!) Let me know what you think.

Your commitment would be:
  • Attend bunco party each month or have a sub there. (You really need 12 people to be there!)
  • Host 1 bunco party a year (you provide dinner & snacks and have tables and chairs set up)
  • Contribute money each month for the prize pot (we could decide what's a good number)
  • If you choose to quit the group, help find someone to fill your spot
I think it could be lots of fun ... let me know!

P.S. I found a clip on about Bunco ... this could be us (minus the drinking of course!)


Ashly said...

I was thinking about starting a ward bunco group after how much fun with had with Emalia. We should look into it!

Carriezworld said...

Cool, Ash! I have two other friends that are interested (PTA friend who is in our stake, and an online friend who happens live just up on Sego Lilly). I sent out an email just now to a bunch of the girls. If you can think of anyone who would think it was fun, feel free to ask. I think it could be a lot of fun!

The Tillotsons said...

I'm so glad you're thinking about doing this!! It is a lot of fun and a great get-away from the kids & hubby. By the way, the prizes are $50, $20, $20 and $10 :-)

Carriezworld said...

Oh, I see ... so does the other $20 go to the hostess for food?

So far there are 7 of us interested, keep 'em coming!