Friday, March 27, 2009

Good News!!!

Taylor got a job!!! Wohoooooooo!!!

Taylor was offered a job this morning and I really think this is the answer to our prayers we have been looking for. It is for a small company called, Anderson Computers, and they have contracts with several small businesses around the valley and in Park City. They handle anything from installing/maintaining the computers or severs, backup, troubleshooting problems and so forth. He'll officially start April 16th, when we get back from the cruise, on salary. But he'll start some training next week with them getting paid an hourly rate. Once trained, he'll be able to do a lot of the work from home (they have remote access to most of the computers/servers) and will only leave if they have a meeting or there is something he needs to do on site.

Thanks so much to all of you, for you love, support, prayers, leads and so much more! This could have been so much worse/harder than it was, but you guys made it so much more bearable!!!

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