Thursday, January 22, 2009

Still here!

I have been having all kinds of inspiration and things going in areas of my life OTHER than this blog! I should put up a couple of Christmas pictures at the very least! ;)

Grandpa Kent read the Christmas story from the bible

Then we took turns ready other Christmas stories

So excited ... Christmas Eve with new jammies

Braden got this cool Star Wars ship from Santa. He carried this around all day along with the Darth Vader and Obi Wan action figures he got.

Aubrey got this doll from Santa. This is the 4th (or is it 5th) year that she has asked for one of these dolls. She absolutely loves them. She is now saving up her own money to buy one of the real American Girl dolls (they look like these dolls but cost close to $100!!!) I tried to talk her into something else, but this is what she wanted.

This is the calendar about horses ... you should see the calendar that Kendra got. (Inside family joke!)

The boys loved playing hungry Hippo (even though Braden doesn't look like it!) Notice, Braden has his ship right next to him!

Christmas Dinner

Air hockey tourney ... Tony won

Relaxing after all the fun!


Josh and Stacy said...

Were you down in CD for Christmas?

Just dandee said...

Looks like a great holiday!
Oh and where did you get your background for your blog? It is adorable!