Monday, December 15, 2008

Thanksgiving Pictures

Okay, these are soooooo way overdue! I've been meaning to get these up for a while!!! My sister's and our families got to enjoy Thanksgiving at my Mom's new house. We had a blast together and had some amazing food. I swear, each dish was a culinary masterpiece. No kidding. Samantha (Taylor's sister) got to join us as well before she headed off to work. All in all it was so much fun!

Stacey hard at work in the kitchen!

Tam did the most work, however the only picture I had of her in the kitchen was pouring the olives!

My chef in training!

TJ sampling some of the chex mis that Taylor made

Taylor and Braden ... aren't they cuties?!?

Tyler and Stacey ... as I looked through the pictures I realized I took lots of pictures of Tyler. What is it about babies that makes you want to take pictures of them?

Our beautiful table. Stacey's boys did the Mayflower centerpiece and Aubrey did the name cards.

Cute Tyler

Aubrey full of smiles

Jeff and Taylor frying the turkey

Mom with her girls

Tannon with his GQ grin

Samantha and Aubrey

They boys (Taylor, Tracen and Steve) watching football

When it was time to eat, Tammy was just exhausted!

Tyler sat on my lap and ate from my plate. Guess my dinner tasted better than his!

The Keele family

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