Saturday, December 20, 2008

No Room at the Inn - UPDATE

For those of you who read my post about our Young Women's night of caroling, I want to clarify ...

We set up the whole thing.

We (the leaders) arranged with each of the families to be turned away so that the girls could experience what Mary and Joseph experienced when they were turned away from each of the Inns. It was actually REALLY hard for them to say no to us or close the door on us. Sis. Korth even came to class on Sunday and apologized for turning us away! Even though it all made sense at the end, she hated doing it! ;)

I post this update because when talking with my Mom today, I realized that she thought that the families actually turned us away. Taylor thought the same thing. So, just in case anyone else thought our neighborhood was a bunch of bah humbugs ... they're not. They were great sports in helping us have a powerful evening!

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