Thursday, December 11, 2008

Family Pictures

We went up the canyon to take pictures with the new camera on Sunday. We were not quite prepared for how cold it was, and hard time getting and pictures where Braden was not upset! I played around in PaintShop for some cool effects. Can't wait until I really learn how to use this new camera!

This one is the best family picture overall. It's one of the few where Braden was smiling. We had so many others that were better for the rest of us, but awe well. You take what you can get!

This was a fun pose.

Aubrey just found the pose on her own and said, "Take a picture, Mom!" She's so photogenic!

On this one, Braden was pulling up this bright, multi-colored Christmas blanket. After playing around in PaintShopPro, I was able to make it look all one color. It kind of looks like a knitted blanket now. This picture is what prompted the sepia, because I really like it but wanted the focus on him, not the blanket.

Here's our family in color.

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Josh and Stacy said...

Beautiful pictures! We really need to go and do it. I just keep waiting to lose weight, but that might never happen. So, I might as well go and get them done.