Tuesday, November 18, 2008


First, I am still waiting for two more people to post to the Pay It Forward blog. Come on people, don't be shy!

Second, I've got pictures for the NKOTB concert! (Thanks, Kacie.) For those of you who don't know (lame ... jk) NKOTB stands for New Kids on the Block. Back in the day, I'm thinking 6-7 grade, I was in love with this band. My first celebrity crush was on Joey McIntyre. They went their separate ways about 15 years ago. This year they reunited and are on tour. Thanks to Stacey, I was able to get free tickets and a bunch of us girls on Taylor's side went to the concert. We were on the floor, 30th row. I have to say it was so much more fun than I thought. It was a childhood dream come true! Mostly it was fun to just let loose and enjoy a great show. Here are some pictures:

These pictures are so not in order (I hate how blogger puts them in the opposite order!) But here we are after the concert. Front row is Jamie, Kendra, Aubrey, Saige and me. Back row is Kacie, Susan and Sam. Can you tell we've had a night of fun? The girls did great considering it was almost midnight!

All in white.

This was the last song ... Hangin' Tough. They did mix of old and new songs. Even had some of the old dance moves. But it was not as cheesy as you might think. Just fun!

Just a little bit of Jordan with the fan blowing his shirt open. That one got the girls screaming!

About 1/3 of the way through the concert, they came to this round platform in the middle of the floor. It was only about 20 feet away. They sang about three songs here and it was amazing. You could see the beads of sweat. This picture is great ... Joey is singing right to me! ;) Can't you tell?

Saige and Aubrey

Okay, maybe I was a little TOO excited. Really, I was just cheesing it for the camera.

Jamie and Kendra

Kacie. Now why couldn't I have been cool like her? Hehehe

Someone in the audience threw this shirt to Donnie and he put it on. Notice what it says ... "I love Mormon Girls." Cute!

They really hammed it up and made it fun.

Natasha Bedingfield was one of the opening acts. That was a fun surprise!

Awe ... me and Aubrey!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Pay it Forward

So, first I have to apologize to Emalia for taking SOOOOOOOOOO long to get this post up. I kept putting off taking pictures.

So, a few weeks ago, I received a "Pay it Forward" gift from Emalia. Here's how it works ... the first three people to comment on this post will receive a small but fun gift from me. Could be homemade, could be a re-gift that you would like better than me, could be service ... you get the idea. If you're out of the area, not a problem ... that's what we have the mail for silly!!!

I received some yummy homemade banana bread (we ate it before I got any good pictures!), some cute socks (this is awesome because I never splurge on socks ... it's always plain white) and a cute Halloween decoration (I LOVE Halloween, have I told you that before?) Here's my attempt at some cute pictures!

Thanks Emalia ... you're the bestest!!!

So ... leave a comment and let me surprise you! ;)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Just a few days late! ;) We just love Halloween in our house! I don't know if it's because October is our birthday month and Halloween just kicks off the holiday season, but we love it! We like to have an unusual dinner. This year we had ...

MUMMIES! (hot dogs wrapped in crescent roll strips)

BLOOD AND GUTS (jello salad)

MY SPECIAL POTION (Squirt w/ green coloring)

ROTTEN MAC & CHEESE (more green food coloring!)

Taylor's work goes all out for Halloween. They dress up according to departments and it's a big competition. His department choose to go as Wii Olympics and they each choose a different country. They had a opening ceremony in the morning and had a couple of Wii's which they played some tournaments on. His department one the best of ... WAHOO!!!

Taylor's country was Canada. He decorated his office with the Canadian flag, music and some other stuff. He was "Bob McKenzie" from "Strange Brew." I haven't seen the movie, so I have no idea, but if you have seen it you might know what he was going for. He actually rented the movie beforehand, so he could pick up some of the sayings (like the famous "Eh?") He went to more than 5 stores trying to find a Canadian shirt, but had no luck. So I drew this out and he painted it. Quite talented, isn't he? Luckily he had the hat from one of our last trips to Canada. What a cutie!

Here's a picture of the family as we were getting ready to Trick or Treat.

Aubrey was Nancy Drew, Taylor was Obi Wan Kenobi (spelling?), Braden was Anniken and I was Princess Leia.
Braden is obsessed with Star Wars right now, so he loved it! Taylor and my costumes are recyled from two years ago (Braden was Yoda and Aubrey was Padme). We let Aubrey off the hook this year, since she has already done the Star Wars thing once. There are not that many good "girly" costumes from Star Wars.

Exhausted but happy after a long night of Trick-or-Treating! I'll have to get a picture of Aubrey and Cassidy (Aubrey's best friend) up here when I have a chance. We went around the neighborhood with Cassidy and her Dad.

Look at their haul ... Dang!

It's great to be 30!

So Taylor and I celebrated our birthdays (his was the 24th and mine was the 25th). It actually worked out that my Mom was closing on her new house (congrats mom!) so we spent most of Friday and Saturday moving stuff to her new house. That night, she took the kids overnight. After taking some time to clean up, we went out to dinner at Tepanyaki. It was so fun to go out knowing we didn't need to worry about getting home. Then we went to a late movie. It was so weird coming home to an empty house. I don't think Taylor and I have ever been alone in the house overnight. We even went to church on our own! It was great to see the kids again, but we definitely enjoyed the break ... THANKS MOM!!!

Oh, so if you didn't already catch, I am now officially 30. No longer in my 20s. Honestly, it wasn't too big of a deal. I'm the youngest in the family and most of my good friends are either there already or close behind. So, I joked around about it, but hey, you're only as old as you feel ... and I am young at heart!

Catching up with a tag

I've got a lot to get caught up with on here, but I'll start with a tag (from Emalia!)

What was I doing 10 years ago? 1998
1. I was 20 and a newlywed
2. I was working for Holiday Inn Reservation Center and going to school for computer programming.
3. We lived in South Salt Lake at the Donna Manor (sounds fancy, but it SO wasn't ... that's the last time I let Taylor pick out where we live on his own! Hehehe)
4. Towards the end of that year, closer to me being 21, I got pregnant with Aubrey
5. I thought I had it all figured out!

5 things on my to do list today.
1. Clean, clean, clean
2. Grocery shopping
3. Get Aubrey and Braden a few more winter staples (some more pants and sweaters)
4. Get pictures onto my blog
5. Have Family Home Evening (Aubrey reminded me this morning ... she's doing the lesson, but I'll need to help a little bit with it. She's such a good girl to remember these things!)

5 favorite snacks.
1. Chocolate
2. ice cream
3. Chocolate
4. Anything Jerusha makes
5. Chocolate

5 jobs I've had.
1. Telemarketer for the Bradenton (Florida) Ballroom Dance Sudio
2. Bath and Body Works
3. Corning Revere Outlet
4. Waitress at the Cottage Restaurant in Logan
5. Reservation agent and then Training Assistant for Holiday Inn Reservation Center

5 things I'd do with a million dollars.
1. Pay off house
2. Upgrade cars and pay them off.
3. Travel
4. Invest ... maybe in some real estate, I'd probably get a financial adviser I trust and take their advice on this
5. Start a non profit

5 things that made me laugh this week.
1. Braden ... many times, like when he was wearing my earrings at church yesterday along with a huge grin thinking he was so pretty!
2. Aubrey ... Somedays Aubrey and Braden are like cats and dogs, but yesterday was so nice. They were goofy and silly and playing so well together. She got Braden laughing so hard (random silly things) and it made me laugh ... mostly cause I was so happy they were being so nice to each other.
3. Gotta say I got a few laughs from America's Funniest Home Videos too, Emalia!
4. Some of the costumes in the Halloween parade at Aubrey's school
5. Being tickled. In our family we have massive tickle fights at least a few times a week. Aubrey is learning how to really get me. (Think stomach raspberries ... oiy vay!)

So instead of tagging 5 more people, if you're in the mood to keep up the game, then go for it! I'd love to read it!