Wednesday, October 15, 2008

6 Quirks

Okay, so Kacie tagged me with this:


The rules: Link person who tagged you
Tell about 6 Quirks of yours
Tag 6 fellow bloggers to do the same
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So here it goes:

1. When setting the alarm, the time HAS to be an increment of 5. So it could be 6:55 or 7:00 or 7:05, but under NO circumstance can is be 6:57 or something crazy like that. Because of this I have to have an alarm where I can move the time forward or backwards, so I can get it just right. I am teased endlessly about this, but really don't get that. It seems like a given to me. Oh and if you haven't guessed, I do NOT do snooze, since the times are always odd (like 7 or 9 minutes). I will instead set the alarm for another 15 minutes.

2. I'm either super clean or I'm super not. When I'm not, the house can be a mess and I really don't notice and it doesn't bother me. But if I've worked hard to get it clean, I am super anal about it staying that way ("You're not thinking of using that toilet are you?" or "You want to cook in THIS kitchen?").

3. Going along with the above, when I am cleaning, I tend to think I need to do it all (organize and deep clean). If I don't have the time, which I don't most of the time, the I don't want to do it at all. Or I'll work for like 5 hours to get my bed room super clean and organized, and the rest of the house is left neglected. I am so working on learning moderation and doing a little bit each day. So yes, I'm good at organizing, but to the detriment of many other things!

4. I'm a big kid. Don't know if that's a quirk or just a fact. Don't know if it's because I'm the baby in the family or just that I'm immature, but it's not something I ever want to lose! When it comes down to it, I love doing kid stuff and being goofy with my kids. I love it when my nephews give me that look (it says, "You just said that? But you're an adult!") after I've said something (or done something) that usually only kids would get. Like talking about burbs or farts, ya know?

5. Hmmm ... I like to talk, a lot. When I'm excited about something, I want to tell someone. When I'm confused I want to talk to someone so I can figure it out. When I'm sad, I want to talk to someone even if it means I might (might, who are we kidding?) cry a bit. When I'm angry, I want to vent to someone. When the kids disobey, I talk (okay, lecture) to them. Taylor is the opposite (unless it is about sports). When he gets upset or sad, he is more quiet. It can be frustrating, but I get it's just his way of handling things.

6. I have my "thing" I like to order at restaurants. I rarely stray from the thing I like, although I do try to be daring sometimes. For example, Taco Bell - 2 soft taco supremes w/ no tomatos, order nachos; Applebees - parmesan shrimp sirloin w/ garlic mashed potatos & veggies; Olive Garden - Chicken Alfredo; Red Robin - Whiskey River Chicken Burger. You get the idea. I hate getting something I don't like, so once I know I like something, I stick to it.

I'll tag Christy, Marlies, Stacey Jorgenson, Angie, Emalia and Deanne!

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The Tillotsons said...

You got me!! here's a link about my 6 crazy quirks:
I enjoyed reading about yours!!

Also, thanks for being on the Pay if Forward thing. I'll be getting you your suprise package soon! (I'll probably hand deliver it)