Monday, September 22, 2008

Blogs, facebook ... oh the wonders of the internet!

So in addition to joining the blogging world this last year, I am now officially addicted to If you have not joined this, you MUST join now and add me as your friend! ;) Over the past few months I have reunited with old high school friends, distant family members, friends from old neightborhoods as well as keep in touch better with the people in my life now.

Here are some of the people I have found (either through my blog or facebook):

Just last week, I got together with a good friend from middle school/high school ... Christina Pricker (aka Christina Rieman.) We connected online and while she lives in California, they were coming out for a week of work training. We went to the Discovery Gateway Museum, went to dinner, played games and had breakfast at her Mother-in-Law's house (ymmy crepes!) I have not seen Christina since 10th grade and would of had no way of connecting with her. We had a blast! You knowhow sometimes you just connect with certain people and know that they will be lifetime friends ... that is definitely Christy!

If you read my blog about the car accident, you will remember I met Tara, who is a girl that "happened" to be walking by our accident. She was able to hold Aubrey's head up until the paramedics arrived and talk with Avery (to keep her from freaking out) until they were ready to take her in the ambulance. Tara showed such love and selflessness towards us that I would have never known if we had not met.

Kristen Stallard was my best friend through 6th, 7th and part of 8th grade. At some point during my 8th grade year, she turned on me and went from being my best friend to being my worst enemy. She spread rumors about me, tried to turn mutual friends against me, left nasty messages, and on and on. I never stood up for myself by just perservered through all of that until High School, when we could go our seperate ways. I have always had this part of me that wondered 1. WHAT HAPPENED? and 2. Why didn't I stand up for myself. When I found her on facebook, I debated sending her a message or not. I did end up sending her a message and she responded the next day. She apologized and told me how embarassed she was to think of who she was because that was not what she is about now. I was able to forgive her genuinely and we were both able to have closure. Having an 8 year old daughter, the way girls can be so "mean" to each other is definitely on my mind as I raise her. This conversation with Kristen has allowed us to talk about how to deal with these things in life.

Going to school in Florida, those of us who were LDS, were greatly outnumbered by all the other faiths. So, I had lots of friends that weren't LDS. Through High School the better part of my non-LDS friends began to drink and "party" on the weekend and those of us that were LDS stuck together and were really close friends. I have been able to touch base with some of them here and there over the years, but nothing consistent. With facebook and my blog, I've been able to keep in touch with so many of them. I couldn't go to "Neeners" wedding but I got to see all the pictures!

Just last night Taylor was saying, "With facebook I know so much more about what is going on ... Like did you know Rachael (his sister in New Mexico) is taking a shower?" Okay, maybe that's a little TMI, Rachael! LOL. Through reading my friend's blogs I have watched their kids growing up, strengthened my faith, laughed, planned get togethers, etc.

So, I am so totally loving technology ... we really are lucky!


Marlies said...

So true. What a blessing to live in this day and age. Thanks for the reminder. It's so easy to get caught up in what is no longer good and forget with the bad also come great good in many blessings.

The Tillotsons said...

I totally want to join facebook-it sounds like fun. ;-) This whole time I didn't realize you had this blog too! I thought you only had your fitness blog. It's so fun to see pictures of Aubrey and sweet Braden. Thanks for your support with my Marathon. :-)