Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy (Belated) Birthday to Braden!

Braden turned three last Monday ... but it's taken me a while to get some pictures up. It is our family tradition to do breakfast in bed on your birthday morning. We like to do strawberry belgian walffles. Unfortunately, Braden only had one bite of breakfast and then threw it all up and then some. He had no interest in opening presents and spent the next two days feeling pretty yucky.

Here is Braden right after we sang Happy Birthday. I thought he was still waking up. Little did I know he was one sick kid!

At least the rest of us enjoyed breakfast!

We decorated the table for dinner, but he wasn't up to eating yet, so we saved the birthday cake for later.

By Wednesday night Braden was feeling better. I made this cake as Braden is obsessed with all things Cars.

He thought the cake was pretty cool (see his little smirk!)

This is how Braden holds up three fingers. He can't quite hold his pinky down with his thumb, so Taylor taught him to do it this way. I can't believe my baby is three!

Cheesing it for the camera!

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Marlies said...

What a sad birthday. It's sad that he's been so sick lately. I hope that this is the last for a while.