Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fun Weekend

So, it's been a while since I posted, but I've been busy! We had a very full weekend. (Why is it that everything always falls on the same day?!?) Saturday morning we walked in the JDRF (Juvenille Diabete Foundation) fundraiser walk. Afterwards they had lunch, bouncy slides and a car show. My sister was organizing it this year (her hubby and 3 year old son both have diabetes.) I'll try to post pictures later since they are on my sister's camera.

Then we went to Taylor's work summer party. It was way out in the country past Park City and past Kamas. I guess the owner owes a bunch of property out there. The kids went horseback riding, we went paddleboating, played volleyball, watched people getting dunked in a dunk tank, had yummy food and on and on. They did a fun game with the kids in the barn. They threw $400 worth of quarters, half dollars and dollar coins in a big pile of hay and let the kids find them. Aubrey got over $23 dollars! Here's some pictures:

Braden has always been two afraid to go on the big slide. Well, he conquered his fear this weekend!

We didn't get any really good pictures of his face, but if you can see, he was just beaming.

That's our little cowboy!

Last time Aubrey was on a horse she was allergic. We came prepared this time, but she seemed to do just fine!

For some reason most of the haystack pictures came out blurry. Here she is bringing home the dough!

Another view.

Braden, who hasn't yet learned the value of a dollar, had more fun climbing around on the haystacks!

He's the king of the world!

This is Taylor throwing the ball at the dunk tank trying to dunk one of his co-workers. Somehow, I didn't get a picture of the dunk tank, so you will just have to imagine it!

The kids spent a lot of time in the bouncy house. It was pretty hot outside, so I think they enjoyed the shade.

Taylor in action on the volleyball court. You can see the lake in the background. I didn't take any pictures of the paddle boat as I didn't want the camera to get wet.


This was fun to clean off! You should have seen him when he got home. He looked in the mirror and stared at himself for a good 15 minutes. He keep giggling to himself and saying, "I SPIDERMAN, I not Braden!"

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Marlies said...

Carrie, I don't believe you. I don't believe that WAS fun to clean off. I laughted when I thought of Braden looking into the mirror though. That weekend does sound fun, and I can't believe how big both of your kids are getting. That school picture of Aubrey is a good picture.