Wednesday, July 9, 2008


So, we went to Lagoon on July 3rd. We had a lot of fun, despite how HOT it was. This was Braden's first time ever going to an amusement park. Aubrey is a seasoned pro and has already gone once this summer.

This ride and the Scrambler were two of the favorites.

Like I said, it was HOT. This year is the first year that Aubrey actually liked to get wet (she has always had a thing about getting water in her eyes), so we took every opportunity to get wet. In this picture, water would shoot up randomly and Braden would punch the water as fast as he could while he cackled the loudest laugh ever. It had us all cracking up.

If you remember, Braden is obsessed with all things cars. This car rides on a track, but the kids can "steer" and push the gas. Braden would NOT look at us while he was driving the car. He was concentrating so hard because he thought he was actually driving. He was completely serious the whole time. When it came time to get out of the car, he was beaming from ear to ear with pride. He is still talking about that blue car. It was by far his favorite ride of the day.

A little blurry, but still cute. Aubrey was a great big sister, showing Braden the ropes on all the fun rides!

He also love the helicopter ride.

This is one of the boats that rocks way high back and forth. This is us just starting out.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I couldn't see Braden face the whole time to know what he thought. When we got off he kept saying "Not scary, it fun!"

Did the car and helicopter, got to do a plane! Aubrey and I got to go on some rides together while Taylor let Braden do a bunch of the kids rides that Aubrey was too big for. You can see who had the camera most of the time!


Breinholt Gang said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun.

Dan and Dee said...

Oh how we love Lagoon! Looks like you had loads of fun. Cute pictures. I've been in touch with Mindi (Fisher) Hendersen lately and I gave her your blog address. I do hope that was Ok.

Josh and Stacy said...

What fun! We are planning to go just as soon as Kelsie comes home from TX. One of the memories I had wasn't really with you! I had gone to do car pool and on the way I couldn't get through the intersection at 700 east. I think you know what I am getting at. I had to take the long way. On the way back we had to swing through the parking lot and there was life flight taking off at the intersection. I asked the older kids to see if they recognized any of the cars. But we couldn't see good enough. My little ones loved the helicopter though! Yikes, did I just say that!

Doug & Angie Gray said...

Looks like way fun we can't go this year becuase I don't want to go and sit there but my kids love it too.

chris, mindi, & riley henderson said...

Hey Carrie & Taylor!
Deeanne gave me the link to your blog. You guys look so happy. Congrats on the addition - and happy birthday to him too - he's a handsome little guy! Aubrey is such a beautiful little lady!! We moved to sunny Arizona about 3 1/2 years ago. I'd love to stay in touch. I've wondered how you were doing. Hope you keep having fun this summer!