Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kennecot Coppermine & MISC

Monday, the kids and I went with my sister and her kids to see the Kennecot Coppermine. It was my nephew, T.J.'s birthday. We had fun, although towards the end it started pouring down rain and we got drenched. Nothing like a little rain to make it such an adventure! Here are some pictures:
They have many trucks working to haul out the rock and dirt. This is just one of the tires.

A close-up ... Braden, Aubrey, Tannon, T.J., Tracen. Tyler was there too, but Stacey had him in a backpack carrier.

One view of the open mine. You can see it from outerspace it is so big.

This is a great, cheap (only $5 per car) outing to take your kids on. The visitor's center is fun for the kids and they have a movie that explains how it all works.

This weekend, Braden got pretty sick with the flu. I knew something was up when he climbed into my glider rocker chair and fell asleep. The pictures are kind of dark ...

As you can see he is propped up over the arm of the chair. He couldn't even make it to the loveseat to sprawl out!

I spent all day Saturday in bed with him as he rested between trips to the bathroom. I took advantage of the time to read Stephenie Meyer's, "The Host." It was such a good book, I read it in about 2 1/2 days!

Sunday morning, Braden was still not all the way better, so he and I stayed home from church. By that afternoon we were both stir crazy, so we all decided to go on a small hike. We brought the camera, but left the memory stick in the computer at home, so we don't have any pictures to share. We found the hike on a website that went on and on about how easy it is. It is only 3/4 -1 mile, but 1/3 of it is going up some steep switchbacks, so it definitely got your heart rate going. We will probably do it again, so we would definitely recommend it. Here's the info:

Aubrey is now off camping with Grandpa and Grandma Keele and two of the other girls cousins ... Braden and I are missing her a lot!


Josh and Stacy said...

I have always wanted to go to the mine.

sprmom said...

I told you it was a fab book, but I do tend to be pretty bias to anything by Steph Meyer.

Doug & Angie Gray said...

Looks like you had fun we need to do that some time. Dawson just got sick today too. I hate it when they are sick.

Breinholt Gang said...

I haven't ever been to the copper mine. It looks fun. I should go. Also, you must be the fastest reader. The host in 2 1/2 hours. Amazing.

Carriezworld said...

Yeah right, 2 1/2 hours ... it was 2 1/2 DAYS! ;)