Monday, July 14, 2008

Fun weekend, but no pictures!

I am thinking that since the summer is already half over, we need to plan a few more get togethers. So, if you want to get together for a picnic or to go somewhere fun (and relatively cheap!), leave a comment and let set something up, okay?!?

Okay, now that I am doing this blogging thing for our family, I really need to start taking more pictures. We had a nice weekend. Friday night we went out to dinner with my Mom and played games on the back deck until way after dark. We made PB blossom cookies, which the kids LOVED.

Saturday, Taylor's parents came up and we had a picnic at the park and went to the Beez game that night. We always have going to the game. We sit on the outfield and ride the train with the kids. Ryker had fun playing with Braden (he is SOOO good with him!) and Aubrey and Saige had a blast together. If only I had taken some pictures, you could see what I'm talking about!!! ;)

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