Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bear Lake!

My sisters and I had our second annual "Sister's Weekend" at Bear Lake. The kids were lucky as they got to come along as well! ;) We stayed at the same place, Ideal Beach, which is great because they have (relatively) roomy condos, full kitchens, tons of grass, mini golf (for a buck each), two pools, beach front, kids crafts, on site store, huge playground ... you get the picture. Everything you need. We checked in Saturday and left yesterday.

We went to the beach several times (this is a BIG ordeal when you have to bring stuff for 6 kids!) and we made good use of the swimming pools. It was so nice to have the playground because each afternoon the older kids could go play while we let the younger ones nap. I taught Tammy and Stacey how to play some new games and while we each had a chance to win a few, Tammy by far blew us away (we think she must of been hiding some wild cards!)

It was so fun, but it's always nice to be back home in my own bed. I don't have most of the pictures, but I took some on the last day after Tammy's camera died. Here's what I have, I'll add more when I get the others.

Beautiful Bear Lake - our little piece of the "ocean" in the middle of the mountains.

Me and My Sisters - Stacey, Me, Tammy

The whole gang!

Me and the kids

All the kids from Bottom to Top ... Tannon, Braden, Tyler, Aubrey, Tracen and TJ

Aubrey and Braden lounging in the lake!

The kids spun and spun and spun ... you don't see many merry go rounds like this anymore.


Doug & Angie Gray said...

You look so awesome I can tell you have lost weight good job and it looks like you had fun.

Myrt said...

There comes a time when genea-bloggers are tempted to use their blogs for their own purposes – not just for the edification of fellow genealogy researchers. And this is Ol’ Myrt’s turn.

Today’s DearMYRTLE blog includes a link your blog Carrie, since it boasts the most recent pictures of my three beautiful daughters (Tammy, Stacey & Carrie) along with some of my six talented, energetic, intelligent, creative grandchildren (Tracen, Aubrey, TJ, Tannon, Braden and Tyler).

While their wonderfully supportive husbands toiled away at work, my girls took their annual “sisters” trip up to Bear Lake, Utah while I was off to St. Petersburg, Russia and Helsinki, Finland. My youngest daughter, Carrie blogged about their trip and included some wonderful pics.

You can see why this gramma is beaming with pride!

Dan and Dee said...

Bear Lake is my very favorite body of water. I love it there. It looks like you had tons of fun. How great to have a sisters weekend.

Josh and Stacy said...

Wow, I think Braden looks just like you! He is so cute and big!

Breinholt Gang said...

That is great that you have an annual sisters day, but don't you know that it is suppose to be without kids? Looks fun

Tara Rickards said...

Hi! I'm just a fellow blogger out in cyber sapace. :-) I'm going to Bear Lake this next week and I have been having a hard time finding out if there is cell phone coverage, so I've turned to the blogging world to find out! I use AT&T. Do you happen to know? You can email me at TaraM22 at gmail dot com or follow my profile link back to my blog and leave a comment there. Thanks so much for your help! Looks like you had a fun trip there! I can't wait to go!