Monday, July 7, 2008

All about us!

So, I think it's time to get this blog going! I'll start with a bit about each of us. I've been having fun connecting with some old friends on facebook, so I'll put in some details here to get everybody up to speed!

Taylor and I (Carrie, duh!) met in Logan, Utah while we were both attending Utah State University. One thing lead to another and we got married May 24th of 1998. We just celebrated our 10 year anniversary (has it really been that long?!?) We moved down to Salt Lake City shortly after in search of better job opportunities. Taylor has a bachelor's degree in IT and has been working in various computer related positions practically our whole marriage. When we had Aubrey, I chose to stay home and be a full time Mom. Over the years I have worn many hats in addition. Currently I work for Brite Music from home, part time. Taylor is into sports, especially football and basketball. If you know Taylor, you know he's a HUGE Miami Dolphins fan from way back. Taylor is a great dad and hubby. He does the dishes more than I do, that's for sure! Hmmm, what about me? I like to be with family and hang out with our friends. I've been into making jewelry lately (my sisters and I started a business this year) and I've been known to do scrap booking, through I am so far behind it isn't funny. I am still playing my violin for a local syphony. I took up running this year, which I can't say I LOVE, but I love what it feels like when I have finished! I actually completed the Ogden Half Marathon in May of this year, so that was pretty cool.

This is Aubrey, she's eight years old getting ready to go into the 3rd grade. She is my shadow and loves to go on Mommy/daughter dates. She also makes some really pretty jewelry. She is a great big sister and is a big help when I need to get some phone calls in for work. She is so sweet, thoughtful and very sensitive to other people's feelings. She loves school, but is loving the summer as she likes to stay up late and sleep in (definitely MY child!) She loves to play Guitar Hero, watch good movies (she's been in Anne of Green Gables lately) and ride her bike and scooter. Aubrey is standing her and reminded me that I need to mention that she loves to eat crab, anything with alfredo sauce and anything sweet. She also says that she can read as fast as I can type (she's proud of this because I "type really really fast!")

Braden is 2 (3 in August) and is our blond hair blue eyed cutie. People always think he's older than he is because he is quite tall for his age. He is talking up a storm and even does some sign language. He loves to sing songs (you can hear him sing his ABCs at LEAST 50 times a day!) He is learning to use the potty, but has developed a fear for public restrooms (those darn automatic flushers have him freaked out!) Braden is very affectionate and loves to snuggle. He is attached to a 3 foot tall Pooh Bear that he must sleep with every night. We once tried to replace it with a smaller version of Pooh, but now he has to have them both! Do remember that scene from E.T. when E.T. is hiding in the closet amongst the stuffed animals and the Mom doesn't notice as he blends in? The is often how Braden's bed is at night! He LOVES the movie "Cars" and playing with cars, wearing cars shirts ... anything cars really. He LOVES firetrucks and gets so excited when he sees one. He and Aubrey sometimes play dress up and he gets all dolled up with make up and pig tails. He thinks it's great ... for now!

So, that's us!


Marlies said...

Cute pictures. Even though I pretty much know all that I just read (except that Aubrey loves crab) it was still fun to read it. I hadn't realized that you and Taylor were up to 10 years now. That is quite a feat. It helps me to realize why I always forget we are so close in age. I only graduated 10 years ago. You really did get married young. lol Love ya!

Marlies said...

P.S. I am so impressed that Taylor is blogging too. Kent will finally comment on my families blog, but he hasn't posted that I can recall.

Doug & Angie Gray said...

so cute I am glad you did a family one I love your other one too though.

Dan and Dee said...

Hooray! Now I can keep in better touch with your cute family. Love the pictures.